Deluxe Gourmet Gift Box

Sale price$169.00 CAD


Everything you can think of in this basket, savoury, sweet and ready to be served, a cheerful collection and treats for any occasion

*Chosen 100% Pure Avocado Oil, 250ml

*Lions Bay Coffee, Kelvin Grove Blend, 454g

*Antipasto Vegetable, 400ml

*McSweeney’s Beef Jerky, 70g

*Laid Back Snack, Cracked Pepper Pistachios, 100g

*Brie Cheese Castello 125g

*Rosemary Crackers, 185g

*Old World Horseradish Sauce, 295ml

*Green Pitted Greek Olives, 30g

*Hickory Farms Beef Sausage, 300g

*Luv The Grub Chai Apple Spread, 59ml

*Lindt 70% Cacao, Madagascar, 100g

*Bonne Maman Redcurrant-Raspberry Spread, 50g

*Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds, 340g

 If for any reason a product is out of stock, we will replace with another as close to it as possible, and one of similar or greater value.

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