Get Together For Pasta

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Get Together For Pasta

 Bon Appetite Italian Dinner for the kids and family. Start the evening with a cheese and cracker appetizer, enjoy a made in Italy sauce where the kids will have fun naming safari zoo animal pasta, finish it off with a gourmet Turkish delight, some chocolates and biscotti.

 *Spatula Silicone Bamboo

*Bamboo Mixing Spoon

*Jamie Oliver Dish Cloth, set of 2 Microfiber Scrubbers

*Danish Brie Cheese Castello

*Olives with Basil & Garlic

*Melinda’s Gingersnap Biscotti, 2 single 40g

*Theobroma Fairtrade Dark Chocolate Himalayan Salt 35g

*Handcrafted Turkish Delight, Assorted Fruit, 250g

*Freeyumm Dairy/Gluten Free Crackers, 120g

*Mezzetta Italian Plum Tomato Marinara Sauce 460g

*Alb-Gold Organic Safari Kids Pasta

*Italian Penne Ziti Rigate by Garofalo 500g

*Marinated Artichokes, 170ml

*The Bay Tree Fig & Onion Chutney

*Bee & Willow Tapered Candle - set of 2

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