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Golden Tea, Organic Maple Syrup.

Sale price$139.00 CAD


including honey, spreads, maple syrup, crunchy chips and nuts. Perfect for a special occasion, party or gathering, also a great gift variety for any food lover

Gift box will be presentably wrapped with a ribbon and card

 *Vifranc Organic Maple Syrup Infused w/ bourbon, 259 ml

*Canyon Heights Unpasteurized Honey Wildflower, 500g

*LUV the Grub Chai Apple Spread, 59ml

*Canadian Breakfast Luxury Black Tea, 26g

* Vegetable Antipasto, 400ml

* Avocado Crisps, 79g

*Natures Path Organic Granolas, 325g
*Cashew Almond Nuts, 50g
* Italian breadstick,100g
* Ferrero Rocher chocolate 3pc

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