Make a Platter Pack

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Make a Platter Pack

 A delightful platter & savoury treats. Be ready for a party pleaser

 *Wild Canadian Pacific Alder Smoked Salmon

*Camembert Cheese Castello

*Brie Cheese Castello

*Fig & Onion Chutney, The Bay Tree 110g

*Basil & Garlic Pitted Olives

*Pan crafted Fair trade Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

*Finest Original Water Crackers

*Sweet Plantain Chips, Gluten Free

*Everton Traditional Butter Toffee Pretzels

*Laid Back Hazelnut Snacks with 70% Dark Chocolate & Cranberries

*Gourmet Butter Toffee Corn by Christophers

*Marinated Artichokes 170ml

*2 tapered Unscented Candle, Bee & Willow

 If for any reason a product is out of stock, we will replace with another as close to it as possible, and one of similar or greater value.

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