The Charcuterie Gourmet Basket

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A generous compilation of your favorite meat & cheese party platter and gourmet spread. There is always something for the family to enjoy a cup of healthy tea with honey, chocolates and cookies. Will sure impress in any occasion.

 *Ayoub’s Roasted Nuts

*Rosemary Crackers, 185g

*Maple Cream Fudge with Pure Maple Syrup, 200g

*Wild Pacific Alder Smoked Salmon, 56g

*Pukka Turmeric Organic Gold lemon fruit Green Tea, 20 bags

*Hickory Beef Sausage, 300g

*Canyon Heights Wildflower Honey, 500g

*Castello Camembert Cheese, 125g

*Christophers Gourmet Buttered Toffee Corn, 56.7g

*Bonne Maman Apricot Spread, 50g

*Famous Amos Bite Size Chocolate Chip Cookie, 56g

*Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar, 38g

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