Road Trip Snacks

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Road Trip Snacks

 Here’s a box for your getaway, no need for countless stops when you have your snacks with you. This gift box is packed with snacks to sustain you while having memorable moments in your drive

*Double wall Insulated Coffee/Wine Tumbler Stainless Steel

*Canadian Maple Taffy Candies with Pure Maple Syrup, 155g

*Non-GMO Golden Figs by Orchard Choice, 283g

*Gourmet Butter Toffee Corn, 56.7g

*Cashew Almond Nuts, 50g

*Canadian Beef Jerky, 80g

*Laid Back Snack, First Date Bite

*Sweet Plantain Chips,85g

*RX Bar protein Chocolate Sea Salt, 52g

*70% Cacao Lindt Dark Chocolate, 35g

*Hickory Smoked Almonds, 65g

*Utah Truffles, 2 pc

 If for any reason a product is out of stock, we will replace with another as close to it as possible, and one of similar or greater value.

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